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6 Tips to Help Your Business Succeed in 2020

The first month in 2020 is gone. Where are you with your goals, resolutions, and productivity? Are you getting done each day and week what you want to accomplish? If not. Where will you be, at the end of the year?

As a business strategist, my focus is to help businesses grow. Even if you aren’t in business, these tips can help you accomplish your goals for 2020.

As with many of the articles on this site, it is bonus material from an article I wrote in Spotlight Magazine. The Spotlight Magazine article covered the first three tips listed here. Tips 4 through 6 are the bonus material.

1 Plan It

Without a plan, it’s hard to get where you want to go. In fact, first you need to set the goal of where you want to go and then plan on how to get there. Whether you choose to use paper based planners and calendars or online calendars and possibly even project management software, just make sure you get a plan down that you can follow.

2 Prioritize It

Of course, as you create a plan to achieve the goals you’ve set, there will most likely be many steps that can’t be completed all at once. Some of these may even be dependencies on others. It’s time to look through the tasks you need to complete in order to succeed in your plan and to prioritize what you need to complete when.

Make sure to pay attention to those dependencies to put them in the correct order.

3 Schedule It

Unless you set time to work on and complete projects, they usually don’t get done. When something is on your calendar and you honor the commitment you’ve made to that appointment, you’ll move forward and be able to complete your tasks, meet you goals, and experience the success you desire.

4 Track Your Progress

Planning, Prioritizing, and Scheduling are the first three steps to complete your business goals. If you stop at this point though, chances are you’ll quickly forget what you’ve done and won’t follow your plans. It’s important to track your progress on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to keep yourself on the path.

5 Adjust as Needed

As you track your progress, you may find areas where you need to adjust your schedule. You may need to change some of the deadlines. You may find areas where you are not working as effectively as needed and adjust your work habits. You might even find that you need a coach or an accountability partner to help you stick to your commitments and complete the work you’ve promised.

6 Celebrate Victories

One of the things that many people forget in business and life is to celebrate the victories. As you see yourself making progress, celebrate the things you complete. This is particularly true when you are working on large projects with many tasks. In this case, set smaller milestones for completion and celebrate each one. This helps keep your momentum high so you can continue moving forward.