Clear Communication is a Competitive Business Advantage

Have you ever asked someone about their business only to be completely confused at what they do based on their answer? It’s important to explain information to others in terms that they can understand.

Does it Pass the Mom Test?

While working as a technical evangelist, I had to work with software engineers understand the products they were building and then explain that to non-technical teams in marketing, sales, and on customer sites. While testing my explanations, I used the “Mom test” to see if I was explaining things clearly for lay-people. If my mother could understand the product, I had the message ready to share.

When you’re explaining your products and services, see if it passes the mom test. Note – if your mom is an astro-physicist, you may need a different audience to test on.

Exercises for Making Your Communication Clear

List the jargon words common in your business.

For each word, write a description that explains the concept without the use of jargon.

Try your new descriptions out on people outside your industry. Have them repeat it back to you to see if they are understanding what you’re saying.

How Does Clear Communication Help Your Business?

Clear communication gives your business a competitive advantage. When customers understand what you do, they have more trust in your ability to deliver. This makes them more apt to purchase from you than a competitor who makes everything difficult to understand.