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How an End of Work Day Routine Can Help Your Business

While most of my coaching and writing is designed to help you build a successful business, many of these topics can upgrade multiple areas of your daily life.

In the January 2020 edition of Spotlight Magazine Brevard County, I wrote about how an end of day routine can help productivity. People often focus on morning routines, and sometimes overlook that how you end your business day can help start the next one off productive.

This post includes an overview from the Spotlight article along with additional material to help you create your own End of Day success story.

Download a Copy of My End of Day Worksheet

In the video and article, I mentioned a worksheet I use to evaluate my daily successes and prepare for the next day. Here is a PDF you can use and adjust to fit your end of day routine.

Complete Transcript of End of Work Day Routine Video

00:01                            Hey everybody. It’s Kim Shivler. Welcome. Recently I was in a meeting and we talked about daily routines that help us get things done and I was sharing that I not only have morning routines but I have an end of day routine. I find that it helps me not just prepare for the next day so that I start fresh and get more done. It helps me wrap up an end of the current day so I can let go and don’t worry about it in the evening when I want to be present for myself and other things. So I was asked to share, I finalized it a little bit more, formalized it a little bit more, wrote about it in the Brevard Spotlight Magazine for January, 2020 and I’m going to share a little video and information for you here. You can also download my form that I’m going to share with you for end of day.

00:58                            Now you can do this in a written format. You can do it online. I take, a lot of my notes in Evernote and I also do have formal project planning software that I use for my bigger projects and task lists. I do like to write things down though and sometimes I do them on a sheet of paper. Sometimes I do them actually on a erasable piece of, uh, of writing so that I’m not stacking up a lot of paper. I’ll share that with you in the future. So I always do my to do list at the end of the day. The next day’s to do list. That way I start in the morning, I know what I’m going to do. I’m not worrying in the evening, what do I have to do tomorrow? It’s all there for me before I do that, at the end of the day, I cross off everything on my list and that’s going to very likely start the next list.

01:55                            I then go through a little wrap up. I ask myself and write down what did I do well today? Be kind to yourself, look at it and say, Hey, wow, I got this done or I didn’t stray from my work. I didn’t waste time on social media, whatever it is, be kind to yourself. What did I accomplish today? There’s a slight difference there. Accomplish I set out to actually check something off every day and it should be something important. Don’t write down, send email just to send a quick email and check it off if it’s not important to your business.

02:40                            I then asked myself, what could I have done better today? Did I allow myself to kind of go down the little rat hole of playing video games? Because if I get frustrated with something, sometimes that’s my go to. Could I have maybe gotten more done, did I daydream a little too much when I was supposed to be doing content creation? I’m going to come back to that the next day to see can I keep myself on track just a little better and then I always end with what am I grateful for? This could be as simple as meeting a new person someone who smiled at me, a new client or repeat business, but always end on gratitude.

03:36                            Never take for granted that we all have things to be grateful for. At that point, I generate that list for tomorrow. I put it all down, and now it’s my turn to head out cook dinner. And for those of you who know me, very most likely watch my guilty pleasure, which is an episode of Judge Judy.

04:06                            If you would like the form that I’ve created, it’s here to download. If you have any questions, please email me kim at

04:19                            and let me know what your daily routine is, especially if you have an end of day. I look forward to seeing you next time. Bye.