How to Create a Customer Journey

In the September edition of Spotlight Magazine Brevard County, FL, I wrote a column called “Are You My Customer.” Sadly, many small businesses don’t understand who their customer is or worse think everyone is their customer. In the article, I gave some tips for identifying your customer including the importance of creating a customer journey. This article provides the information on how to do that.

What is a Customer Journey

A Customer Journey is a map that helps you define your target customer and also document how your customer works with you. What does a business interaction with you look like from the customer perspective?

First Define Your Customer

Before you can create the map of how your customer finds and interacts with you, you must define your customer. Hint – everyone is not your customer.

Answer the question – who is my perfect customer? This is the person who absolutely needs and loves your product or service. They are easy to work with and purchase willingly. Who wants to twist arms to make a sale? Perfect customers see the vision and know they are a fit for your offerings.

Note that sometimes these details are specific to each offering you have. A perfect customer for one product may not be perfect for another product.

Exercise to Help Define Your Customer

Write a Wanted Advertisement for your customer. Think of the Wanted Ads on Post Office walls. Exactly what does your customer look like. Give her or him a name and describe what the pain point is that they have and how you solve it.

As mentioned above, sometimes this is very specific to your offering. The following is part of a flyer specific to a target customer for a workshop I was running.

Once you have defined your perfect customer. You are ready to map their journey to work with you.

How to Create Your Customer Journey Map

After you have identified your customer, then you define how they find and work with you.

Answer the questions:

How do they become aware of me?

For many this is online, through a local advertisement, possibly social media. If you are a local business with a storefront, they might just be foot traffic that walks by.

Once they Know About Me, How do they do business with me?

  • Do people purchase from you online?
  • Is there a telephone number for them to call.
  • Do they need to come into the store to do business with you?
  • Is there an appointment scheduling app that allows them to book time with you either paid or as a free consultation?

After doing business with you, what is next?

Once they have done business with you, what are the next steps. Are you a subscription company hoping they purchase monthly or on another renewing schedule? Do you want referrals? Are you looking for intermittent repeat sales (not a subscription)?

Once you know your customer and have mapped out your customer journey, it’s easier to move people through the journey to becoming paid customers.