Hands on a computer typing with writing showing on the screen.

Tips for Business Writing

In the November 2019 Spotlight Magazine for Brevard County Florida, I wrote an article on Tips for Successful Business Writing.

My October article focused on using Clear Communication for all of your business interactions. Clarity is a competitive advantage. This article builds on that concept and specifically addresses tips for writing clearly in your business communication.

Highlights of the Spotlight Magazine article included:

Always check your spelling and grammar. People notice. Use a tool like Grammarly to help. It’s free.

Be precise in your wording in order to make sure your message is clear.

Remember that the reader cannot see your facial expressions or hear the tone of your voice. This means that the reader must infer the emotion behind your words. Don’t use wording that could be misunderstood as harsh, or you may offend your reader.

Cartoon style drawing of an owl sitting on a pencil. Words with proofreading corrections surround the owl.

Below, you’ll find a video story of an exchange that worked well in person, but could have been easily misunderstood if sent in writing.